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Sozial- und Gesundheitsinformation Vorarlberg

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„Sozial- und Gesundheitsinformation Vorarlberg“ (information about social and health care facilities in Vorarlberg) is a free database for citizens and experts that contains important information, services and addresses of Vorarlberg's social and health care facilities. In order to ensure that it stays up-to-date, we regularly maintain the database. We are therefore very interested in any additions and changes you may propose. Please email these to sozialinfo@schlosshofen.at.

You can search for public and private institutions and their offers, services and addresses in four different ways:

  1. Search of 21 topics
  2. Search of Vorarlberg, one single municipality or outside Vorarlberg
  3. Search of approx. 700 key words from A to Z
  4. Full text search: search of individual words or parts of words
  5. Searching in external databases: the search for doctors, psychologists, therapists, schools, etc. using links to existing databases

For search instructions, go to "Hilfe" (help) on the bottom right of the page.

All information in the database is only available in German.



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